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technocolordoll wrote in dollyshop

B I G   S A L E  ! ! !
Shirts for 1$! Shoes for 0.75$!
Super cheap prices, DON'T miss out!!!
I'm in need of funds, stat. So, I'm doing a HUGE sale. :)

I have well over 40 pairs of shoes (a bunch of which DO fit Obitsu feet), and over 30 pieces of clothing -- dresses, tops, skirts, and even a few things for the boys!!  I also have a bunch of accessories!

The stuff in the pics is not even a third of all the stuff I have. ;)  And all of it needs to go now, so, please, follow the cuts and look at the items.

( Sale terms & info )
( See my FB )

( Barbie/Pullip T3 shoes )
( Obitsu 1/6 shoes ) ---> THESE FIT OBITSU FEET!!!
( Tops -- shirts and tees )
( Bottoms -- skirts & pants )
( Dresses )
( Jackets, boy clothes & other )

There's also loads of cute anime and Sanrio stuff at starkandii, my sales LJ. :)


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