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OOAK Blythe FS // Feeler
perfktpicture wrote in dollyshop
Hello Blythe Lovers. I am moving & need extra funds to help pay for the rent.
I have for sale one of my custom Blythe.

She will come with everything shown:
-outfit, wig, eyes, original box & certificate, unique pull charm
- She is a custom pow wow blythe (hand painted by me, carved eyes & mouth)
-Bobbled eyes fixed
-original eyes & eyelashes removed & replaced with better quality ones

** This is just a feeler as i dont know how much to ask for her, please make offers. **

- I am not accpting trades
- I only take paypal payments
- I offer a 2 week layway (Payment must be made the beginning of December & last payment most be made at the 15th)

I have + feedback @ Ebay & DOA
Ebay Feedback :
OA Feedback :



[She Will Come With]
-Her pull string charm :

- CoolCat Eyes Shown in picture :

- Comes with wig & outfit shown in this picture:
**Wig was made by shopoholican from etsy
**Outfit was made by an unknown person, but is a ooak

**Original scalp & wig was removed**
This Cool CAT scalp was added to & clued on with tacky glue :

She was originally a pow wow poncho Blythe, that i paid full price for

She will come with her original box & certificate shown below:


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