Opening DollyShop: RULES
Bunny toys
Welcome to DollyShop! Please read the following rules before posting to this community. Happy shopping! This community is only for 1:6 scale doll items fit for Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, DAL, Momoko, etc. NO BABY DOLLS, 1:12 SCALE, ETC.


  1. Sales posts must contain items that are 1:6 scale or that could serve as toys, etc. for 1:6 scale dolls. (Basically, any Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, DAL, Momoko, etc. items are fine.)
  2. You may post one photo above an LJ cut (max size: 500px x 500px). Additional photos can go under the cut.
  3. You may only post once per week. Exceptions: If you have several new items up for sale or if you have your items on eBay auction, you may make one additional post in a week.
  4. You may link to LiveJournal sales, Etsy sales, eBay auctions or other sales message boards, etc.
Any post that does not follow the rules will be immediately deleted without notice. Repeat offenders will be banned from this community.


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